Round 7 vs Collingwood Park

WIN 10.11 – 71 to 5.8 – 38


Round 6 vs Mayne

LOSS 9.4 – 58 to 5.10 – 40


Round 5 vs Jimboomba

LOSS 10.4 – 64 to 7.7 – 49


Round 4 vs Zillmere

LOSS 9.6 – 60 to 9.5 – 59


Round 3 vs Morningside

WIN 14.4 – 88 to 4.9 – 33


Round 2 vs Coorparoo

WIN 12.11 – 83 t0 3.5 – 23


Round 1 vs UQ

WIN 6.5 – 41 to 6.4 – 40

An undermanned and slow starting Woodsmen side got out of jail against a quality UQ outfit in the season opener.

Missing several key players, and introducing a raft of newcomers to the side resulted in a disjointed performance from the Woodies.  However, after giving up a 4 goal lead by midway through the 2nd quarter, the Woodies slowly gained ascendancy to gather a 10 point lead early in the last quarter after a dominant 3rd quarter.  UQ reduced the deficit to 1 point early in the last quarter before the lights went out and the match was called off, giving the Woodies a hollow, but well deserved 1 point win after gaining momentum after such a slow start.

The Woodies lacked scoring options up front at ground level and weren’t as cohesive as they would have liked, but the match did show some promise from newcomers and personified the Woodies never give up attitude.

Well beaten in the Ruck, Thommo spent time forward in the first half and kicked 3 goals before returning to ruck duties, while big G kicked 2 goals, including one crucial 50m bomb after a tireless effort presenting across half forward.  Sammy was his usual industrious self, while Greeny turned back the clock in a best on ground performance, showing his strong marking ability.  Special mention also to Dave Schultz who was the epitome of desperation with his tackling and harassing of the opposition.

Best: Greeny, Sammy, G, Dave, Thommo, Stink

Goals: Thommo 3, G 2, ChrisD 1


2015 Season

2014 Undefeated Season

Grand Final vs Wynnum Vikings 

WIN 13.11-89 to 7.7-49

Premiership Captain, Sean ‘Happy’  Toohey hoisted the Premiership Cup aloft after a dominant display from the undefeated Woodsmen side in the 2014 Grand Final.

A 6 goal to 1 first quarter, with superb marking up front from Jay ‘The Butcher’ Baker and Matty ‘Macca’ McNaughton put the Woodies in the box seat for their second premiership, and despite several injuries throughout the game – they never took their foot off the pedal, running out eventual winners 13.11 – 89 to 7.7 – 49.  A trademark of the Woodsmen season was the incredible efforts of the defensive group lead by club legend Jeffson ‘Buddha’ Fehr-Smith.  The ability of the Woodies to never allow their opposition to kick a score was the key driver in their undefeated season, with no side able to kick a score higher than 60 in 2014.

This was again a factor on GF night with a dominant midfield rarely letting the ball into defence, and Tim Green mopping up beautifully across half back.

Jay Baker, Darcy McEwen & Rob ‘Turkey’ McNaughton competed for best on ground honours in superb displays, while the skipper turned back the clock with an exceptional performance running through the midfield and half forward.

Celebrations were long and joyous, continuing well into Sunday at ‘the palace’.  Special mention must also go to Brett ‘Noodles’ McEvoy to two excellent displays, the first being playing on to kick an easy goal late in the game after Dobbo worked hard to earn a  free kick, and then destroying the Premiership Cup and attempting to put it back together with gaffer tape.

Round 18 vs Yeronga – HOME

WIN 19.11-125 to 3.7-25

Dominant display from the Woodsmen, putting Yeronga to the sword from the outset.

The on-ball division of Crab, Dobbo, Mika and Darcy set the tone, while the McNaughton brothers slotted 5 goals between them in a short 10 minute burst early in the 2nd quarter.

The return of defensive lynch pins Greeny and Framer ensured the Devils struggled to exert pressure when moving the ball forward.

Goals: Bakes 6, Macca 5, Crab 3, Turk 2, Mika, Darcy, Thommo, K – 1

Best: Crab, Fraser, Matty, Dobbo, Macca, Bakes

Round 17 vs Jimboomba – AWAY

WIN 10.8 – 68 to 9.6 – 60

An undermanned Woodsmen outfit took on the toughest trip in the league with a Saturday afternoon away fixture against the ever reliable and consistent Redback outfit, who never fail to give a great contest.

After an even first quarter where the Woodsmen struggled to contain the influence of key Redbacks, the Woodies kicked out to a 2 goal lead by half-time and were never headed, maintaining a 2+ goal buffer for the remainder of the match before 2 late goals in the final minute from Jimboomba returned the final margin to a tight 8 points.

Kevvie fought hard all day against an experienced quality forward and should be commended for his efforts.  Darcy played a full 80 minutes in the ruck and Mika delivered the ball beautifully into the forward 50.

Goals: Bakes 4, Macca 2, Fraser 2, Dobbo, Turk 1

Best: Thommo, Mika, Richie, Dracy, Fraser, Dobbo

Round 16 vs Greater Springfield AWAY

WIN 35.25 – 235 to 1.0 – 6

This chirpy outfit from earlier in the year were reduced to roadkill in a dominant display from the Woodsmen.  The less said about the facilities, the better.  As the saying goes though, those in glass houses…!

Goals: Bakes 9, Hammers 6, Crab 4, Thommo, Happy 3, Mika, K, Darcy, Keno 1

Best: The drive home

Round 15 – BYE

Round 14 vs Kedron AWAY

WIN 26.13 – 169 to 1.1-7

An undermanned Kedron put up a good contest despite the scoreline.  Fraser in the unfamiliar position of CHF put in a great showing with his excellent leading up and down the ground, while Shawry had his first outing in Woodsmen colours and was better for the run.

Goals: Bakes, Moe, Fraser, Dobbo, Mika 3, Shawry, Crab, Happy, Turk 2, Greeny, Danny, ChrisL 1

Best: Fraser, Dobbo, Moe, Richie, Darcy, Mika

Round 13 – BYE

Round 12 vs Kenmore HOME

WIN 14.16-100 to 5.4 – 34

Another game, another poor night in front of goal!  The Woodies took on the spirited Kenmore outfit in match played in great spirits.  With several key players missing, the Woodies were wary of their opponents and never took their foot off the pedal to ensure a strong victory, however it must be said that the highlight of the night was a sensational gather on the half volley, busting through 2 tackles before kicking truly for goal from a Kenmore player late in the game!

Goals: Bakes 5, Knackers, Crab 2, Mika, Matty, Dobbo, Moe, Turk 1

Best: Mika, ChrisD, Turk, Dobbo, Bakes, Knackers

Round 11 vs Wynnum HOME

WIN 11.12 – 78 to 3.7 – 25

A highly anticipated top of the table clash that petered out early on with the match never reaching any great heights.  The Woodsmen shot out to an early 6 goal lead and the margin was slowly extended throughout the match resulting in a 9 goal win for the Woodies.  With the Woodsmen missing several key players for the match, and Wynnum suffering numerous injuries early on the game flowed along for the last 3 quarters with an air of inevitability after the first quarter, with both sides appearing to make numerous experimental positional changes. Nonetheless, it was a solid win against the nearest rivals on the ladder.

Goals: Bakes 3, Crab, Dobbo 2, Rozynski, Thommo, Mika, EdMac 1

Best: Happy, ChrisD, JRoz, Mika, Turk, Bakes

Round 10 vs Collingwood Park AWAY

WIN 10.12 – 72 to 5.3 – 33

At 30 minutes notice this match was moved from Redbank to Moorooka, so a minor miracle that it even went ahead!  In a hard fought encounter with Collingwood Park showing significant class in the first half, the Woodsmen ran out 39 point winners to take their tally to 10-0 for the season.  Dobbo went off at quarter time with an old mans baby cow injury, while CrazyDave made an attempted return to the side, but after failing to generate any power resigned himself to knee surgery and a stint on the sidelines for the remainder of the season.

Goals: Bakes 4, Happy 2, Noodles, Mika, K, CrazyDave 1

Best: Bakes, Happy, Thommo, Buddha, Mika, ChrisL

Round 9 vs Yeronga AWAY

WIN 6.20 – 56 to 8.6 – 54

Despite dominating most of the play, the frightfully undermanned Woodsmen continually shot themselves in the foot throughout this match kicking 6 goals 20 and at least another 5 that didn’t score!  This gave Yeronga a sniff, and they welcomed the gift putting in a tough contest throughout and leading at every change to give the Woodsmen an almighty fright. It was a poor display from the Woodsmen, showing ill discipline throughout to give up countless goals and 50m penalties in addition to the wasteful goalkicking.  3 late goals to Darcy, Dobbo and Hammers ensured a positive result while EdMac dominated across half back with his marking, but perhaps his kicking matched that of the efforts from the forwards!  Make no mistake, this match could easily have been the one that got away.

Goals: Hammers, Dobbo 2, Turk, Darcy 1

Best: Dobbo, Darcy, Hammers, EdMac, Danny, Buddha

Round 8 vs Zillmere AWAY

WIN 16.10 – 106 to 4.7 – 31

Despite ladders positions, the Woodsmen were extremely wary of a dangerous Zillmere outfit – particularly after being on the end of some almighty hidings from the 2013 Premiers in the previous season.  Relieved to see Danny Dickfos sitting on the sidelines, the Woodies went about their business with a superb first quarter display to open up a 4 goal lead.  Bakes was in fine form to have 6 to half time before going off with a severe concussion in the 3rd quarter.  Dobbo was at his best in the midfield, while youngster Zach had a good night in the ruck.

Goals: Bakes 6, Hammers 3, Thommo 2, Turk, Happy, Kevvie, Dobbo, Fraser 1

Best: Bruhla, Bakes, Mika, Dobbo, Darcy, Zach

Round 7 vs Springfield HOME

WIN 16.11 – 107 to 6.6 – 42

After a tight first quarter, the Woodsmen picked up their act after getting plenty of motivation from some opposition antics to run out with a comfortable 10 goal victory.  CrazyDave suffered what looked to be a season ending knee injury early on resulting in a fruitful and potentially permanent move for Bakes to full-forward where he bagged 5 goals.  Bartso also made a one off return to Woodsmen colours bagging 1 goal and kicking 6 behinds!

Goals: Bakes 5, Crab 3, Turk, CrazyD 2, Bartso, Mika, Thommo, Dobbo 1

Best: ChrisL, Noodles, Mika, Crab, Dobbo, Bakes

Round 6 vs UQ HOME

WIN 23.13 – 151 to 2.3 – 15

No match report available

Goals: Bakes 7, CrazyD 6, Dobbo 3, Ty 2, Jamie, Moe, BenE, Richie, Matty

Best: Dobbo, Turk, Bakes, Richie, Zach, Crab

Round 5 vs Jimboomba HOME

WIN 9.11 – 65  to 5.2 – 32

Rescheduled to a cold Monday night at Yeronga, despite what the final scoreline suggests – this was the usual tight tussle between these 2 old rivals, with Jimbooma hitting the front midway through the 3rd quarter before the Woodsmen managed to kick away to a 5 goal victory with a quality final quarter after key defender Greeny went down with what would prove to be a long term groin injury. Poor goalkicking was again a concern.

Goals: Crab 4, Dobbo, CrazyD, K, Thommo, Happy 1

Best: Dobbo, Crab, Darcy, Richie, Mika, Buddha

Round 4 vs Kedron HOME

WIN 17.20 – 122 to 3.4 – 22

On a foggy night where visibility was 15m at best, an undermanned Kedron outfit with just 18 players put up a good contest in a bruising encounter.  Thommo was tasked with umpiring duties, and finally found a vocation he was worse at than football, and the fog wasn’t to blame!

Goals: Bakes 6, Crab 4, Dobbo, CrazyD 2, Mika, Happy, Zach 1

Best: Greeny, Richie, Crab, Dobbo, Darcy, Bakes

Round 3 vs UQ AWAY

WIN 31.21 – 201 to 1.0 – 6

Goals: CrazyD 12, Bakes 6, Crab 3, Mika, Zach 2, Harro, Richie, Keano, Buddha, Matty 1

Best: CrazyD, Bakes, Darcy, Knackers, ChrisL, Greeny

Round 2 vs Sandgate HOME

WIN 14.13 – 97 to 7.6 – 48

A Saturday afternoon match played next door to a Western Magpies vs Sandgate Seniors clash, this was an old school tussle between two very undermanned outfits just looking for a lazy kick.  Never reaching any great heights as the margin gradually increased in a 4 quarter effort from the Woodies.

Goals: Crab 3, Jamie, CrazyD 2, Dobbo, Danny, K, Darcy, Kempers, Fraser, Matty 1

Best: K, Dobbo, Framer, Crab, CrazyD, Fraser

Round 1 vs Kenmore AWAY

WIN 8.14 – 62 to 7.2 – 44

In what would prove to be one of the toughest encounters of the year, the Woodies managed to turn around a 5 goal defecit to get tough win over the fired up boys from next door.  In what was a fantastic occasion organised by Killa from Kenmore in order to raise funds for the sick daughter of a teammate it was a fantastic opening to the season.

Goals: CrazyD 2, Greeny, K, Moe, Happy, Kevvie, Fraser 1

Best: Fraser, Crab, Thommo, BenE, K, Kevvie

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